Who are we?

Fourways Residential Home has been providing a high standard of personal care and support in Sidmouth for over twenty years. This is a family run business, with special emphasis placed on quality and the individual needs of their residents. Fourways community care has taken this success and utilised it to form a solid foundation to provide a high quality community service. We aim to maintain a truly local service and concentrate on working throughout the Sid Valley, making it a truly local service provided by a local company.

Owner/Registered Manager - Mrs Rachel Evans-White
Office co-ordinator - Mrs Andrea Steward

With an accumulated experience of over 60 years in care the office team are fully equipped to assist you in determining what help you need and how you would like this provided.

Over the years we have learned that good care is subject to all sorts of considerations, usually yours not ours. So from all those folks that we have had the pleasure to look after, these are their top ten most important requirements.

  1. A phone that is answered by someone they know or someone who knows them.
  2. Arrival times of staff that are close to those they have chosen.
  3. A phone call informing them of any changes to their care with as much notice as possible.
  4. Bright and cheerful staff who they know or have been introduced to them before the actual duty.
  5. Direct involvement in how their care is to be delivered.
  6. Staff who recognise their good days and not so good days.
  7. As few different faces as is possible arriving on the doorstep.
  8. Problems are both acknowledged and dealt with quickly.
  9. Trust, very difficult to gain and very easy to loose.
  10. Sympathy is seldom required empathy is always welcome.